Hingurukauwa Sub Post Office is located in Hingurukaduwa village in the sub division called Ihala kadukara korale of Monaragala District in Uva province

It was established by Mr. H. M.Bandara  who was the Divisional Post Superintendent of Bandarawela on the 22nd of May 1970

The first Sub Post Master was Mr.R.M.Heennbanda and he has worked from 22nd May 1970 to 02nd June 2006

At the beginning Hinhurukaduwa Sub Post Office was not a letter delivering  office However on the 16th of December  1984 it has become a letter delivering Sub Post Office In the terroristic period of 1987-1900 the postal and other documents which were in the office have been fired and destroyed on the 19th of November 1989. But the service of the Sub Post Office has been started and continued again

A telephone connection which had become an important need was supplied to the office on the 15th of February 2004